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Hosted companies


Masthercell is a Contract Manufacturing Company (CMO) located in the booming biotech Park of Gosselies, Belgium; the company wants to focus exclusively on the cell therapy products and technologies, dedicating all its efforts, expertise, equipments and bioanalytics to this specific emerging field.

  Partner of Service providers, compagnies and governments worldwide.  Alcatel provide innovatie solutions for networks & communications technology, products and services.


a-ULaB is an analytic laboratory of inside environment, outside of building in general.

ETMA aims to bring metrology solutions for the measurement of gases, ambient or issued.. 

Tools4Patient is a R & D company specialized in tools to aid in the diagnosis and characterization of patients. 


PaHRtners is an efficient network of Human Resources professionals.


iTeos Therapeutics SA , spin-off of the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research (LICR) and the de Duve Institute at the Université catholique de Louvain, is a biotechnology company aimed at developing immunomodulators to stimulate the capacity of the immune system to attack cancer. 

  Vanden Eynde- Legal is a law firm that guarantees its clients high quality legal services, its specialised lawyers possessing expertise.  VDE LEGAL includes among its clients small and medium-sized business, large enterprises, multinational companies, public sector institutions and private individuals.  VDE LEGAL offer high quality legal services to its clients Belgium, the rest of Europe and around the world. 

Endo Tools Therapeutics S.A. (ETT)  develops a portfolio of advanced, minimally invasive medical devices to treat obesity, digestive tract tumors and type 2 diabetes, three amongst the most widespread and fastest growing diseases. The portfolio is organized around a universal triangulation platform for use on any existing endoscope through the natural orifices. The technology will improve patient comfort, reduce hospitalization duration and limit investment required from the hospitals while expanding therapeutic applications for gastro-enterologists. ETT began its operations in 2008, based on research led by Prof. Jacques Devière, prestigious gastro-enterologist from Erasme Hospital, and engineers from the BEAMS department of Engineering school of ULB.  

Ovizio , spin-off of the "Université Libre de Bruxelles” (ULB,) is a start-up company specializing in quantitative imaging devices based on Digital Holographic Microscopy (DHM). The platform technology breaks the barriers between flow cytometry and 3D microscopy and is used in variety of applications in Life Sciences Research, Bioprocessing and Diagnostics. The label-free technology can be used to observe and quantify cells in their existing media without sampling or sample preparation.


Mac&JB assists its customers in the management and financing of business projects (companies implantation, expansion of existing businesses, innovation / R&D projects, international developments,...). 

Manpower specializes in human resources (recruitment, selection and training). 

  COMPUTERLAND a été créée par Michel Poncelet il ya près de 35 ans.  En avril dernier, suite au rachat d'Altair (infrastructure et réseau) et d'Orda-S (ERP), COMPUTERLAND s'agrandit et s'impose comme leader du marché des services IT en Wallonie.

Le nouveau groupe reste néanmoins une entrerprise indépendante et à taille humaine.  Quelques chiffres concrets:
- 190 personnes qualifiées et expérimentées,
- 33 millions d'euros de chiffre d'affaires consolidés,
- plus de 600 clients fidèles et satisfaits,
- 5 sites de proximités: Alleur, Gosselies, Soleuvre, Herstal et Courtrai.


Citius Engineering and its subsidiary Engiconcept are engineering companies specializing in mechanical and electrical engineering as well as mechatronics. Their core business concerns the development of production means in general: special machines and systems, test benches, mechanical engineering, development of specific tooling, piping and steel structures, pressure vessels, etc. Thanks to innovative R&D projects, Citius develops very specific competences in advanced robotics. The developed robotized systems are able to handle non repetitive tasks that are usually hand made. Engiconcept offers technical management services for partial or complete industrial projects as well as expert consultancy services in mechanical design. Thanks to recognized experience and a rigorous methodology in project management, both companies are active in various sectors like aeronautics, spacecraft industry, food and beverage, energy, defense and security, steel and glass industries, pharmaceutics, etc.

  Wallonia Biotech Coaching is a Walloon biotechnology Incubator.
  Fort de son expertise en développement de procédés industriels, de ses connaissances du marché et de son réseau international, Univercells a pour objectif de développer des procédés de production, robustes et qualitatifs, permettant des prix de revient faibles et des investissements fortement réduits pour les vaccins, les anticorps monoclonaux et autres protéines thérapeutiques.
HIPPEROS is a company specialized in software for embedded systems.  It designs and markets HIPPEROS (High Performance Parallel Embedded Real-time Operating Systems).  It is the real-time operating system (RTOS) for the future multicolore platforms at the architecture designed for parallelism, scheduling and resource sharing algorithms at the forefront of progress.  HIPPEROS is designed for critical applications.  These applications cover fields such as aerospace, avionics, transportation, robotics and medical devices.
Interface -Groupe Studia Développement is actor in industrialization of your processes - Documentation for your products and processes - Integrated Logistic Support / Risk Control - Translation of your documents and linguistic assistance
  FORTUNA ITINERIS is an audit and consulting firm specialized en strategy, management, organization and M&A operations.
  ProxyTIC is an EMEA services company specializing in the deployment of Information Systems and Engineering technologies.
We deliver architectures, system management and best practice strategies, as well as many additional services, providing organizations with flexible solution linked with their business process.
Services are offered in different formats ranging form consultancy, outsourcing, migration, training, software development, remote management and many more.
offers services and integrated solutions to support customers in the risk assessment and mitigation of their grug candidate's immunogenicity profile.  In collaboration with our scientific advisors and international partners, ImmunXperts offers access to a unique team of seasoned immunogenicity experts.

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