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The team


Marie Bouillez graduated in Business Engineering from the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management (ULB), and is the General manager of the i-Tech Incubator. She has a good experience in supporting young innovative companies.

"Research centers from universities generate a large number of innovative projects in life sciences and engineering. Valuing these projects has led to the creation of a significant number of spin-offs. Their success is dependent on three conditions: a good project, a good management team and adequate financing. Our role is to optimize these components for the projects we support".


Nicolas Casula works for both i-Tech Incubator and Theodorus investment fund teams. He supports creation projects of spin-offs from ULB and focused on engineering sciences.

Before joining us, Nicolas worked for almost 4 years as a consultant in Management & Strategy at McKinsey.

Nicolas is a civil engineer physicist (ULB) and graduated from HEC Paris.

Fabien Valenti is graduated from Fucam-Louvain school of Management with a Master’s Degree in Management.

He’s now working as part-time CFO and so manages financial and administrative tasks for SME’s.
Moreover he’s active in the incubation of Green & Clean technologies projects and in Transfund, a fund that facilitates small and medium companies acquisition.

Before I-Tech Incubator he had experiences in audit and in the industry that are very helpful in his current position.


Perrine Schepers, executive secretary graduated from the Haute Ecole Albert Jacquart in Tamines.

She is the Office Manager of the i-Tech Incubator, area in which she acquired 5 years of experience in various sectors.

The i-Tech Incubator team works closely with the EEBIC team, who has 10 years' experience and provides its expertise and network of contacts in the following fields:
- network of investors (BeAngel, Sherpa 1, Sherpa2, Theodorus, ...),
- entrepreneurial awareness network (Enterprize),
- network of experts (legal, financial, biotech, ...),
- building management.

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