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Services offered

The management team and its network of experts offer a tailor-made support to future companies and existing companies at several levels:

  • Evaluation of the potential of the technology

           - Research (innovative, development stage,...)
           - Business definition (product vs. service, customers,...)
           - Competitive analysis
           - Analysis of the market situation (current and evolution)

  • Development of business plan

           - Business model
           - Definition of strategic
           - Plan of implementation (production, sales, R&D,...)
           - Financial plan

  • Implementation of the management team and board of directors with complementary skills

  • Monitoring of milestones and objectives (financial, commercial,...)

  • Research funding: public, private, networks, ...

  • Support the creation of company (Term Sheets, shareholder agreements, statutes,...)

  • Development of their activities ...

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