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Facilities and infrastructure

i-Tech Incubator offers accommodation in the center of Enterprise "i-Tech Incubator 2" of nearly 6000m², located on the Aeropole of Charleroi (Gosselies), close to the airport.

It simplifies your work and allows you to better focus on the essentials: the development of your business.

i-Tech Incubator offers infrastructure and services:

  • scalable and flexible spaces ranging from simple CASCO rental to complete accommodation;
  • collective services;
  • a recent and secure IT infrastructure;
  • coaching by our experts.
Being hosted in the i-Tech Incubator also means being part of a larger structure: the Biopark.

Surfaces are available, do not hesitate to contact us.

* We also have, at i-Tech Incubator 1, more than 4000 m² of space to be converted into offices, laboratories and / or clean rooms.

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